Dig my new Vans!

Dig my new Vanz

Just got them yesterday. They got here fucking fast too. Ordered them from zappos.com using the free 4-5 day shipping option. Took less than three. Ha! Take that suckers.

Of course, Vans are very Gen X. How could they not be. Company was started in 1966, year before I born, not to mention Kurt Cobain.

So why are you mentioning it.

I don’t know. Dude? What’s the problem?

Nothing, man. I’m just saying. Let the guy rest in peace already. I mean, what the fuck is he? Some kind of Gen X JFK or something?

Um. No. JFK was assassinated.

Yeah. I know. So.

So. Cobain committed suicide. Shot himself in the head with a shotgun?

Yeah. So.

So that would make him more like some kind of Gen X Hemingway or something.

Man, you read too much. Fuck you. I’m out of here.

Don’t mind me. Just having on of those days, you know.

Anyhoo… I really dig my Vans. Always have. Since my first pair when I was like 13 or 14. My last pair, classic blue skaters with side swish, though NOT a la Nike because Nike sucks balls, were getting pretty ratty. Don’t get me wrong. They’re the best when they’re ratty and worn and all that shit. But the back was starting to tear out and I can just tell that they are not long for this world. But the gummy bottoms are still primo. Best thing about Vans — got tough soles. Yet another reason they’re so Gen X. And, of course, because I say so.

I really dig the classic Vans styles, but some of the new patterns they come up with are pretty cool too. Like my new neon bone fish Vans (shown above). Very cool. Addy, my 7-yr-old daughter, really digs them too. She wanted a pair. Probably about time. Her pair with the skull and pink and black design are getting pretty rough looking. Addy’s like her old man — hard on her shoes!

Of course, I had in my time a pair of Jeff Spicoli black and white checker board Vans, made popular by Sean Penn who played Spicoli in the very Gen X movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Addy had a pair of those as well for a time.

If I wasn’t so leery to spend money, a tendency that comes from being a Gen Xer and being raised by Depression era Silent Generation parents, I’d own way more pairs. Like the Johnny Ramones slip-ons, and the one with those little Valentine hearts, like the classic candies that read “I love you” and “Dig me” and shit like that. I’d buy all kinds. I’d be the fucking Imelda Marcos of Vans.

Anyway. The point is. Vans rule.

Get radical, dude!


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