Gen X feminist chicks defy their Mothers

An article on this morning illustrates some typical self-centered Boomer behavoir, by feminists of The Greatest (in their own mind) Generation in this case. Apparently, there are young women out there who are actually bucking the notion that they should support Hilary Clinton simply because their mothers, or someone from their mothers’ generation, instructs them to do so. Imagine that — people actually thinking for themselves, instead of merely falling into line in order that a generation of self-entitled Boomer women can “feel validated” by a woman in the White House.

The fact that Hilary Clinton is a woman is not a reason to support her, nor is a reason to not support her. She is NOT a woman candidate. She is a candidate who happens to be a woman. To label her as The Woman Candidate, which Boomers seem to be fond of doing, to themselves as well as members of other genertations, is reductive and patronizing. Not that I am against patronizing or reducing HC. I’m not at all. In fact, I’m all for it. And apparently I’m not the only one.

Note: Recent news reports are saying that Hilary Clinton’s campaign is in debt by some $10 Million. Does anyone else besides me see this as a bad omen?


2 responses to “Gen X feminist chicks defy their Mothers

  1. You are so right. I can’t believe the Boomer Feminist types have no problem voting for Hillary because she is a woman. As if white women are not more privileged than black men. ESPECIALLY rich white baby boomer women. They have had it all but it is never enough. Why is it okay to vote for someone because she is a woman, but not okay to vote for someone because they are black or a man, etc.?

    White, rich boomer women are the most self-centered and self-worshiping of all people, except perhaps rich white boomer men…grumpy ones who hate kids and only want to take all resources for “seniors” now, since that is THEIR age group.

  2. Thanks for comment, Hanna. Good to know I’m not alone in my view. I’m sorry but it just seems pretty narrow minded to vote for someone based on gender or race or whatever. That’s just one thing. Of course, supporter will say that is not the only reason they support HC, and of course in some cases that is true. But you just know that there are hordes of women out their seeking some kind of validation by a woman in the White House.

    I’m a white male and let me tell you get no validation/pleasure/whatever from W or Clinton or any of the other past white males having parked their fat asses behind the Oval Office desk. Except for Jimmy Carter — I just love him. He’s so sweet and cuddly. I wish he were my grampa.

    Anyhoo…it is just disappointing that people base thier vote so single-mindedly. But of course it is true fairly universally. But I am here to say that I do NOT support Barack Obama because he is black. I support him, in part, because we need to stop the parade of self-indulgent, solopsistic Boomers occupying the White House. Clinton and W were enough. Time for the next generation to take a turn. Of course, in typical Boomer fashion HC cannot allow that to happen b/c she’s spent a Boomer life-time (distinguished from ordinary lifetimes because Boomers, of course, are at the center of the, well, everything — what came before is old, stale, and out of touch, what comes next pales in comparison — let us bask in their worldly glow.. Aaaaaahahhhhhhh) convincing herself that it was pre-ordained that she be the first women president.

    HC is a presidentail candidate who happens to be a woman. Obama is a presidential candidate who happens to be black. Can we please talk about some fucking issues now?

    That is all. Until I catch my breath for my next rant. I’ll be back!

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