Real World turns 20 — OMFG! Has it been that long?

Check out this article in Details magazine by Jeff Gordinier, author of the recently published book, X Saves the World:

When it came out people said that Mtv’s The Real World was knock off the 1973 PBS documentary series An American Family. Today The Real World has been hailed as the precursor to Reality TV as we know it, the show that paved the way for such dynamic television real-life drama as, oh, Celebrity Fit Club. But check it — Gordinier it making a new inference here, from The Real World book that was released after the first four season of the show to capitalize on its populatiry. Gordinier sees in the layout of this book the basic template for social networking online, i.e. Facebook and MySpace etc.

Name-dropping post script: I totally new Andre from the first season of The Real World. Okay, I didn’t know him know him, not that well. We weren’t best buds or anything. Actually, he didn’t even know my name, much less who I was. I guess you could say we’ve occupied space in the same room at parties once or twice. Okay, once. God, I’m so pathetic. And I feel so cheap and dirty. Oh my GenX values, why I did I forsake thee? Why?!


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