Not another Time magazine article on Gen X…Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s been awhile,8599,1731528,00.html?imw=Y

Of course, it took the publication of Jeff Gordinier’s book, X Saves the World, for this one to appear.

As per usual Gordinier dishes some damn fine baloney. Give ’em hell, Jeffy!

Of course, since Jeff takes shots at Millennials, Time’s editors obviously felt obliged to give one of their ilk some page space. Consider this Millennial-ninny commentary in response to Jeff:

“I think they [Generation X] gave us something to work against,” says Kate Torgovnick, a 27-year-old writer and former colleague of Gordinier’s. And though she agrees that her generation might be more ambitious and self-promoting, she says millennials are far from the non-critical consumers that Gordinier portrays. “We grew up with courses that dissect the media and advertising, so I think we’re even more aware of what’s going on.”

Just proof that Gen X can’t win. As far as the Boomers were/are concerned, we were/are too young. And now that their over-indulged progeny have come of age we, Generation X, are apprently too old. The naivete that somehow having taken courses makes one more astute about media is pretty laughable. I taught college for awhile and tried to get my students to dissect advertisement and medai and frankly most of them sucked at it. They didn’t see the manipulation, and really didn’t want to. They just wanted to know where they could go buy the shit. Of course, it is possible that Millennials are more aware of what is going one, but that just makes them all the more repugnant, since in that case the only conclusion one can draw is that they are too lazy to act on what they know, that it is simply easier to go along with whatever advertising beckons you to do. God help us when these people being breeding! (Am an old codger or what?)

Further evidence of Millennial ignorance and naivete is contained in how shocked some of my students were to discover that The Wizard of Oz (the movie, of course; they had no clue it was ever a book by some old dead guy that no one even cares about anymore anyway, gawd) was a political allegory. Some were even peeved at me for ruining the movie for them. It was so mean of me to burst their comfy little bubbles of ignorance wasn’t it. I feel so ashamed [smirk].

One wonders how pertinant it is that Ms. Torgovnick is a former colleague of Jeff’s. She’s obviously taking a dig, when she “agrees” that her gen is more ambitioues (code for, Gen Xers are slackers) and self-promoting(code for I am a brand unto myself — look at me, look at me, look at me, I matter so so so so much). No doubt she’s going to publish her amazing, awesomely cool, generational manifesto way before she’s 40 and it will be so much cooler with lots of slick color photos and stuff like that.


2 responses to “Not another Time magazine article on Gen X…Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s been awhile



    kill me, please.

  2. Although I certainly understand your angst over this fact, I don’t think that I can bring myself to perform a mercy killing on you. Sorry.

    Consider, though, that your Millennials still have time to redeem yourself. Boot Paris Hilton’s ass off the thrown and implant someone worthy to stand forth as a represenative of your generation. For example: Diablo Cody might qualify as an early Millennial, although she could also be considered a late Gen Xer. I guess it depends. Still, the point is, you’re not stuck with the so-called spokepeople of your gen just because someone else pronounces them a such.

    Also, you might take solace in the idea that the Xer ethos is not necessarily about when you were born. Instead, it is a way of looking at the world. That’s how Douglas Coupland, author of the novel “Generation X,” who more or less coined the term Gen X, made it popular anyway, thinks of it. His notion of the X ethos was inspired, in part, by a book entitled “Class: A guide through the American status system” by Paul Fussell, which is easily available from any bookstore or The last chapter of this book gives a definition for what he calls an X class, which he claims all society’s and generations have. Take a gander at this chapter and see if it does not apply to you. I am going to guess that it does.

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