Gen Xers fret about retirement

According to an article from Reuters, if Boomers are worrying about whether they’ll have enough money to retire, Gen Xers are fretting that they’ll never really be able to retire at all, that they’ll be working for the rest of their fucking lives.

I have doubts about the articles assertion that Gen Xers have high expectations for retirement. Real Xers seem incapable of expecting too much. If anything, we have lowered expectations. I do anyway. I can’t help but image myself a lonely old man in a bare room eating pictures of food that I’ve cut out magazines. That is if the world hasn’t been totally destroyed by nuclear war or global warming or something like that.

Hey, maybe destruction of the planet has been the Gen X retirement plan all along, foisted on use of course by Boomers. They know it is coming but they don’t really do anything about it, not in a serious way, because they know they’ll be gone before the end. This explains why they feel no need to do anything to help the next generation plan for retirment, because it would just be a waste of time anyway. The end is nigh!

I can remember this idea in the form of a defunct Sosical Security fund coming up years back, when Bill Bubba Clinton was running for his first stint in the White House. It was supposed to be a concern, but fuck all if anything was done about it. Boomers in power keep yak yak yak yaking about it but don’t do shit. Why should they? They’ll still get theirs. And by time their done, dead and gone, Gen X will be left with nothing. But of course, as stated above, it won’t matter because the world will have ended, or it will have flooded, and as such it will be more important to own a dingy then to have a substantially diversified 401k.

Am I the only one who, in his darker moments, indulges evil fantasies of a mass generational cleansings of the Boomers? I can’t be.



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