Gen X catches shit for for Realestate bust — Nice!

I’ve made clear my disinterest, if not utter disdain, for business and makreting etc as it pertains to Generation X, mostly because of the crap out there that exist for no other purpose than to try make money off of GenX, or any other generation for that matter. I find this sort of endeavor essentially soulless, and have, until now, mostly opted to simply not engage with it, except to vent my annoyance and contempt.

Having said that, personal finances are a fact of life. And being a parent, I want to pass on good fiscal habits to my daughter, as much I am capable of doing so.

The following article suggests that Generation X  is somehow to blame for the current Real Estate bust is precisely the kind of horse shit that puts me off the subject of business and finance and  all related subject matter. So of course I was fully prepared to dismiss this blog out of hand, but then I began reading the comments to this post and was heartened to see plenty of people taking this dude to task, which was perhaps his intent. So I took a little closer look at the blog and found it to have some interesting as well as potentially useful information on it.

Check out the article:

Perhaps it is better to engage this kind of bullshit than to ignore it.

For example, the notion that Generation X somehow graduated from college into a rosey economy is ridiculous. It does not apply to me, that’s for sure. Sure, in the mid- to late-90s the Tech Boom was in full force, but that is only a narrow window of time. I am GenX and I graduate from undergrad in 1991. I can still remember the commencement keynote speaker lamenting the poor job market and economy. I found work in a bookstore that summer, but then I didn’t look for much more since I was off to grad. school after a year off. So maybe I missed something. Granted after grad school and severl years adjunct teaching, which earned me very little (but hey that was my fault for wanting to teach college kids how to write and sharpen their critical thinking skills; I should have just chucked all that cash in the big bucks or whatever), I landed a very lucrative job in the infomration publishing industry, scoring a whopping 20k/year salary– woo hoo! That was in 1999, and not 4 years later that that company was laying people en masse. I know people who are still bouncing around looking for jobs. I suppose some people got stinking rich off the tech boom but I don’t know any.

And I don’t know any Gen Xers how own fucking McMansions either. My wife and I own a ranch with no basement.

Also, this article ignores the fact that many GenXers did not go to college and thus entered the work force in the mid-80s, which I’m pretty sure sucked ass! Thanks a lot Ronnie Regan, may you rest in self-deluded peace.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pretty disdainfull and suspicious of marketing and business proponents who seek to exploit Generation X to fill thier pockets, but I’m willing to take a closer look. I’ve got my eye on you Generation X Finance. I’m watching. Always watching. Well, probably not always. But I’ll put you on my blog roll. Aren’t you elated!



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