I (and Jeff Gordinier) am (are) not alone….

Lest some people believe that my commentary on Generation X is taking place in a vaccuum, nothing more than personal griping that is not represenative of a more wide-spread attitude, allow me to relate some comments that I happen to be privy to over the weekend.

At a social gathering I listened to two people, both of few years older than I and easily quialifiable as GenXers, though they would not use that term themselves to describe themselves, comment on the self-entitled attitude of younger workers (i.e. Millennials) at their places of work. These younger workes either didn’t seem to feel the need to put in the time and effort that is required to do their jobs properly and/or seemed to feel that their innevitable rise to the top level of their respective work worlds would happen quickly and unecumbered by any “hang ups” that older workes have about their, the younger workers’, ages or “percieved” lack of experience. These people seemed both irritated and confused by thier younger co-workers arrogance and niavete about how the work world operates. One even went so far as to feel sorry for the younger Millennial worker who seemed to feel free to repeatedly take his boss’s boss to task on any number of issues. I, of course, did not share this sympathy. Fuck ’em if they want to shoot thier mouths off so unabashedly. Maybe getting knocked down a few pegs would teach them the hard lesson that not everyone in the world is going to treat them like thier over-indulgent Boomer mommys and daddys.

In any case, much of what these two people said reminded me of the descriptions of Millennials that Jeff Gordinier puts forth in his book, X Saves the the world.

Mind you, these comments were not provoked in any way by me. It simply came up in the course of conversation. But I was intrigued to hear this notion echoed back at me by two people who could care less about my interest in Generation X, even if they had been aware of it.

Of course, I can hear the detractors claiming that this example is a fiction. Why? Because I did not name or describe my relationship to these two people? Well, that is because, unlike too many Millennials, not only do I not feel the need to vomit every personal detail about myself onto the web for any and all to view, I am very hesitant to force others onto that stage, especially when I don’t know how they would feel about it. So don’t fucking believe me. That doesn’t make what I’ve said untrue.


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