John Cusak does Diablo Cody — star on star. Oh, baby!

 Actually, this is a clean vid from a myspace blog that features differernt entertainment types interviewing each other. You know, as opposed to doing each other. But that would be way cooler — yeah, you know, like some kind of simulation software that would let you place different celebs into hookups and control what happens and shit. Oh man, I got to write that one down. It’s going to be big. Like Gabby Hayes big.


This particular vid provides evidence of Cusak as a GenXer and I think shows Cody as pretty much a Mellinnial. But they’re both pretty cool. Cusak more so, but Cody gives me a chubby so, you know.

Is it just me or does he look drunk? Or maybe stoned? Or maybe a bit of both? And she’s way too chipper, and half the stuff that comes out mouth sounds like marketing speak. Blah. Who cares.


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