X Saves the World in Newsweek

Word about Jeff Gordinier’s new book, X Saves the World. continues to spread.



 Reviewed in an article in Newsweek this time.

I was particularly encouraged by comments posted in response to the article. GenXers seem to be heeding Jeff’s call — “I will dare!” At least by making their voices heard and even taking on asshole Boomers who are still hell bent on denegrating our little group, that always will until the end. Not to mention change the world for the better where they failed miserably.

For example:

Posted By: jericho4119 @ 05/03/2008 1:50:36 PM

Comment: Let’s see: the Generation that protested yet fought the Vietnam War, then grew up to launch the Second Iraq War – and you are lecturing us? (n.b. – this comment assumes that matzoid is a boomer)

Gen X has always been left to clean up the acid tripped messes that were created by the self-indulgent boomers and you can rest assured that we will continue to do so. No generational manifesto from us – all we want to do is minimize the damage left in the wake of the Baby Boomers.

Fuckin A right, jericho4119!

There was one comment by some upstart Mellinnial punk who clearly doesn’t understand the GenX ethos nor the dynamce of GenX and Boomers:

Posted By: Daniel-James @ 05/02/2008 4:31:33 PM

Comment: Generation Y – that’s me – just – born in 1980. And if you think Gen X were hesitant in seizing powers from their ‘windbag’ baby-boomer parents, just wait till you see the absence of a lust for power from Gen. Y. The Y stands for Y-bother? We’re always going to be far happier humming along to The Arcade Fire and The White Stripes then we ever would be in becoming grown-ups. My generation will be non-interested, but blissfully happy children until we pop our clogs.

We got the lesson of history from both the Boomers and the Xers; the lust for power to change the world is precisely what stops the world from changing. The gaining of power itself – political, military, cultural, social, you name it, is precisely the point when the power to really change things is lost; it’s only when the idea of power in it’s traditional sense is given up that power is bestowed upon a generation – the power to be at peace, regardless of what governments, armies, intelligentsia and cultural elites say or do.

I’ll give the ‘Xers’ some credit; they had this philosophy in their collective head, but as they grew older, this philosophy was cast to the side of the road. Here’s to hoping Gen. Y keep hold of it.

Of course, I won’t be suprised to see Gen Y fail as miserably as their Boomer parents, but I take strong exception to the notion that GenXers were “hesitatnt in seizing power from their ‘windbag’ baby-boomer parents” when in fact we were more than eager to do so but were not given a chance by Boomers who were unwilling to give up any control, because of course no one could possibly run things as well as they could, especially not a bunch of Gen X slackers, which is why we have had to work from the margins, and in many cases done a kick ass fucking job there thank you very much, Daniel-James, better than what Boomers have done, and no doubt better than Gen Y will.

And as for the patronizing credit D-J doles out to GenX, like the smug little prick that he surely must be, to paraphrase Tanner from the classic movie The Bad News Bears, when he responds to the Bear’s rivals for the little league baseball championship, The Yankees’ (sponsored by Denny’s, of course) who snottily congratulate the Bears for a game well played: “You played a good game. We still don’t think you’re a very good ball team. But you got guts.

You can take your credit and shove it straight up your ass!


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