Michigan delegates

According to an NPR/Michigan Radio report, the Michigan Democratic party has come to an agreemen to seat the state’s delegates. Delegates will be split: 56 for Obama; and, 69 for Clinton. Of course this helps Clinton very little, especially after this past Tuesday’s primaries in North Carolina, in which Obama won by a substantial margin, and in Indiana, which Clinton won but barely. Today more political analysts are saying that now it is time for Clinton to respectfully withdraw and end her campaign. But does anyone expect her to do that? I don’t. Not respectuflly anyway. Her Boomer sense of entitlement is far too strong. Not to mention we have to wait for her to go through the –is 7 stages of grief blah blah blah before she can come to a acceptance. Whatever.

On a related note. Check this Slate article about the possibility of Clinton’s campaign declaring bankruptcey. How appropriate.

Also, my Mellinnial office mate said that there’s a post on Daily Kos that is saying that Hilary wants two things from Obama before she will withdraw. First, she wants to be reimburced for the cost of her campaign. And two, she wants the VP. Now, I don’t know if this is true, or if it was even really posted — I couldn’t find it, but didn’t look all that hard, so… — but I would not be surprised in the least.


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