Wife just bought NIN tickets for the show here in Michigan in August. We got general admission. But I have to admit that I am hesitant about going. I guess I must be getting old but the prospect of being stuck down on the main floor until midnight or whatever with that constant barrage of loud music, as fucking rocking as it may be, seems slightly daunting. Sometimes I think my concert-going days are behind me. And yet I can’t deny that I feel excited and compelled to go. I mean, come on. It’s fucking NIN. Before Nirvana came along with Nevermind, Pretty Hate Machine was the fucking album. In fact, in many ways for me it is the definitive Gen X album. That is debateable, of course, and I wouldn’t attempt to put my rather feeble musical knowledge up against just about anyone who would take issue with this position. Still, I’m sticking to it.

I don’t know why it took me so long to add NIN to my blog roll either. Seems like they should have been one of the first. Check it out. Trent’s giving away his newest album, The Slip. I haven’t listened to it yet, even though my wife already downloaded a copy for me. I suck at technology. It’s a minor miracle that I can maintain this blog, such as it is.




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