Are Mellinnials nothing but “Generation Yes”

In this blog post a millennial laments he what he sees as his generations lack of a social or political consience, content to do whatever they are told, hence his coinage of the term Generation Yes. And yet the very fact of this blog post itself implies that this is not entirely true. Don’t get me wrong, I think the dude definitely has a point. And yet, if this guy or anyone from his generation were even remotely inclined to listen to this often cranky, cynical GenXer, I’d hesitantly advise them to not let this definition of their generation take hold. In other words, work against it, both in word and indeed. Most importantly in deed. Because take it from Gen X, once your generation is tagged with some label such as slacker or apathetic or uninvolved and it hits the mainstreem it is all but impossible to shake that perception.

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