Clinton campaign slowly becoming a joke!

As I write this blog Hilary Clinton is being skewered by jokes on NPR’s Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me quiz show. According to reports all of Hilary’s advisors are urging her to find a graceful way to drop out of the race. All except for her husband, Bill. Of course. This was understandable to the host of Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me because of course there are two questions to which a husband must always repond, “Of, course not.”

First, “Does this make me look fat?”

And second, “Am I destroying the Democratic Party?”

There was much laughter.  And more jokes. If she wants to maintain any semblance of dignity she needs to find an exit strategy. Now!

Of course, as a GenXer this does not surprise me. Somehow I always sensed that GenX would have to fight for the chance to lead in this country. And something tells me that Hilary is still not going to go that easily, and probably not that gracefully. One can only cringe at what she might try next. All eyes are on West Viriginia.


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