Obama can pay off Clinton’s campaign debts

Well, sort of.

I think I blogged about this previously, but in case I’m just getting dotty and only meant to blog about it but never actually did, allow me to ah-splain. This week I heard via a co-worker known for his fondness for conspiracy theories (sorry brando, but you know it’s true) that some kind of deal was being floated between Obama and Clinton. The deal was that Clinton would drop out of the race of Obama paid off her campaign debts and offered her the VP. The latter sounded theoretically plausible but not likely, not to mention ill-advised in my opinion — that’s a lot of political baggage — but the former seemed ludicrous to me. Turns out it’s not so much. (So score one for brando. This time. But I’ll be back.)

According to Slate it’s done all the time. However, Obama can’t just cut Hilary a check — lousy FEC rules! But he could fund raise for her. And as we all know Obama can fun raise like a mfer. And I imagine he would too. Winning tends to make one magnanimous. Also, some stuff I’ve read on Obama indicates that he’s not one to hold a grudge. Clinton is a different story. But she’ll need to suck it up and accept the help, which I’m sure she’ll be able to do. I just hope it stick a little going down. Nothing against Hilary on the personal level, but it’ll give me a giddy little thrill to see a Boomer such as herself have to cow tow to a GenXer like Obama. It’s the symbolism of the thing. Hey, I was an English major. What do you want ?

Still, the whole thing seems kind fucked up if you ask me. Am I the only person who thinks this?


One response to “Obama can pay off Clinton’s campaign debts

  1. I’d love to see the look on Clinton’s feministas when she had to be supported by a man because she couldn’t make it on her own skills. LOL

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