Another candidate for the X Lit. canon

High Fidelity by Nick Hornby.

This novel must be GenXerish otherwise why would they cast John Cusack to play the lead in the movie version?

Beyond that it is about a guy in his mid-thirties who is still single and still fucking up his relationships. Also, the main character, Rob, has an encyclopedic knowledge of music. He owns a used record shop in London (that would be in England, not Ontario) which as much a hang out as a place of business.

And, oh yeah, the movie also stars chubby GenX slacker extrordinaire Jack Black. What more do you want?

How about the following quotes:

First, Rob describing him and two misfit employees work-ethic at his record store:

“…I’m proud of us, of the way that, though our talents are small and peculiar, we use them to their best advantage.”

That is the fucking definition of Generation X.

And this too emits an odor of X:

“…Dick and Barry and I agreed that what really matters is what you like, not what you are like…”

I saw the movie first and had never really intended to read the book. I’ve got a big enough reading stack as it is. But I happened across a paperback copy from the Brit publisher Indigo and for some reason I liked th cover better than the whatever the American publisher’s is. I figured I wouldn’t like it much and just toss it aside in order to move onto whatever else I had waiting. But I didn’t. I really liked it. I’m still diggin’ it too. I may have to check out some of his other work as well.


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