I’m in The Big Easy

No. I’m NOT banging some slutty ex-girlfriend. Although it is warm and wet here. [ba-dump crash!] Yeah, sorry about that….

Colleen (the wife) and I are in New Orleans and it is raining. Flash flood kind of raining, in fact. Should we be nervous? Probably not. And yet I can’t avoid thinking about the Katrina disaster, images of that wreck flashing into my head. Funny. Funny – strange. Not funny – ha ha. But I probably didn’t need to explain that. Anyhoo…Colleen’s attending a conference and I am just tagging along on the comapny tit. Staying at the Sheraton, a high-rise hotel that I think figured prominently on news coverage of Katrina. But I could be wrong about that.

We’re on the 38the floor with a very cool view of the Missippi River. You can see straight down Canal Street (I’m pretty sure) right to the River Walk. Big, long barge full of coal, it appears, being pushed along the muddy waters of the Mississippi and a train trolling through along the river’s edge. Not sure how crowded New Orleans was before Katrina but it seems, I don’t know, not desolate exactly , that would be too dramatic perhaps, but thin, I guess. Still, what I’ve seen so far of this city, which admittedly is not much, has been pretty cool. Looking forward to checking out the French Quarter and The Garden District. Of course, Colleen, NIN fan that she is, wants to go past Trent baby’s old house, where he lived before making the leap to Cally. And, she wants to do a walking tour of one of some old cemetaries. They have tours that take you to see some of the devistation of Katrina, but I’m not sure we’re going to go on one of those. Not because we don’t want to be see any of that because it will be “just too depressing” or anything like that. It just seems kind of strange thing to do, to me anyway. As if the devistation were some kind of macbre amusement park ride or some shit like that. Although I realize that the tours probably help pump money into the economy down here and benefit New Orleans and it’s citizens. I’d rather just make another donation to some Katrina fund, and of course spend money while we’re here.

Of course, I’ll be keeping a vigilant eye out for possible Brand and Angelina sightings — OMG OMG OMG wouldn’t that be just so cool if I actually saw them. Oh. Look. (yeah, I know you can’t actually look, it’s just a fucking expression — sheesh) My hands are getting sweaty just thinking about it. Of course, that could be the humidity. But it is airconditioned in the hotel. Still. Oh, I don’t know.

Ah. The rain seems to be subsiding and the sun is making an appearance. Let’s hope that it lasts.

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