Day 2 in The Big Easy

The rain finally did cease yesterday and we were able to go out for a walk through the French Quarter, down Bourbon Street. It was very cool, and somehow vaguley familiar, no doubt from all those clips of Girls Gone Wild Mardi Gras I’ve watched with drunk people crowded onto balconies overhanging the narrow streets, girls yoinking up their tops to bare their breasts in exchange for some cheap colorful beads. Of course, some of these strings of beads do end up dangling from the street car lines that run down the center of Canal Street. There is quite a stretch of strip joints along Bourbon Street, one right after the other, with of course callers on the street trying to get you to enter. Of course, there is not cover charge. They all seemed pretty much the same except for Larry Flynt’s Barely Legal joint. And the one we passed right by that had a young girl sitting just inside the entrance, on a stool, wearing nothing but a pair of purple panties. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what I saw. It could have just been my over stimulated imagination.

The rain returned, however, and with a vengeance late last night in the form of a wicked thunder storm. Lightening flashing the sky. Torrents of rain pummelling the city. It shook us out of sleep. Rained a better part of the day today. But it’s dry now. We hanging in the room tonight, though. But there is a sweet view from our room on the 38th floor.

During last nights storm I did not get out of bed to have a look out the window. Not sure why. Normally it is the kind of thing I’d do, but not this time for some reason. I did dream about waking up to have a look out the window, only to be startled by a flood that was just below our floor and quickly rising. Not sure that is even possible, but it was a dream after all.

Here’s hoping it will be dry tomorrow. I like getting writing done up in this high-rise room. Makes me feel very important and all. But there is a cool-looking used bookstore down on Decatur that I’d like to check out. Then plans to hit a jazz club tomorrow night. Garden district tour on Sunday.

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