Companies actually saving money by “Going Green”

Hmm. Imagine that.

I know, I know. It may be difficult to believe, but in fact a report on NPR Marketplace this morning is suggesting it is in fact possible for companines to save money by implenting green measures. Translations: it is a good business practice to go green, dumbass!

The report stated:

The Environmental Defense Report has some examples. Take Stonyfield Farm. The yogurt-maker is saving more than a million bucks a year by switching from plastic lids to foil tops, which require less energy and water use. Meantime, Macy’s is hiring a company to install solar roofs on more than two dozen stores.

Environmental Defense is also lauding a new practice in the car insurance industry: mileage-based auto insurance. The less you drive, the lower your premium.

This is excellent and most encouraing news, as it refutes the reactionary notion by too many that green measures simply cost money and do not benefit companies or consumers in any way, except to give business a bit of PR for the moment and make people feel a little better about the crap that they are buying. Although don’t expect every ditto-headed worshiper of that fat fuck Rush Limburger to accept these facts. But that’s okay. For our numbers grow daily and soon we shall vastly outnumber their hordes and we shall hunt them down, catch them, and (smack smack of the lips) and eat them. With several varieties of dipping sauce. Mooh ah ah aha hah aha ha!


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