The Wings are back, baby!

Oh yeah! The Red Wings are back in the battle for The Cup! Look out Pittsburgh, Wings fans are hungry for some penguin meat. Chomp!

Since Yzerman’s departure it seems that fan support for the Wings has waned a bit. I admit that I have not been tracking them as closely as I once did. But then sports in general has not interested me as much as it used to. I was once a very, very rabid Detroit Pistons fan, but after thier Championship in 2004 my attention gradually decreased. Although they are in the Eastern Conference finals this years….again, the 6th years in a row, and have a good chance of taking down the clearly over-hyped Boston Celtics (can you say, can’t win a playoff game on the road), though much respect to Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Sorry, Paul Pierce is a prick, and always will be. Ah, if only the Tigers showed more promise this year. We could be looking at a possible championship hat trick, with A Cup, an NBA championship, and World Series. Damn, how sweet would that be.


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