Best arguement ever!

Regarding why Obama should not and in all likelihood will not choose Hilary Clinton as his VP. In The Economist.

The illustration accompaning the article says it all. Obama would be constantly distracted by not only Hilary, who would not be content to be a symbolic role, as VPs generally have been, but also the presence of a former president loaded with plenty  of self-regard, legit or not, in Bill. It’d be a cluster fuck, and not the good kind either.

Personally I’d find it pretty disappointing if Obama did pick Hilary as his running mate. Probably not enough to keep me from voting for him, but still. It smacks of pandering. And it sends a weird vibe, like people would be saying that he knew he couldn’t win without these two Boomers help.  I want him to do it on his own. Also, the article lists several excellent candidates for the job other than HC. My vote goes for Chuck Hagel.




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