Chelsea Clinton, Politician

Entry on the CNN political ticker has Boomer Bill Clinton speculating on his Millennial daughter entering politics. Oh joy! This after Chelsea was named in NY Times article over the weekend as a possible first woman president.

Does anyone else see this as an indicator that the Clintons’ have already moved on from this particular presidential race, that though they may not be saying so publicly they are resigned that Hilary is done and are now looking to the future, a Chelsea in the White House future perhaps, preferably before Bill and Hilary are dead so that they can, ahem, support her endeavor?

Doesn’t it seem, I don’t know, kind of premature to consider the Clinton spawn a worthwhile leader? I mean, what the hell has she done other than be the Firt Kid and work for a Hedge Fund, a job no doubt granted her because of who she is and who her parents are. I”m not saying she’s unqualified, but how many candidates got passed over to give her a desk in that particular cubeland?

It just seems so prototypically Boomer to assume that their Millennial offspring is a viable subsitute for their unrealized ambition, not to mention kind of pathetic. But no doubt this is a trend that we’re going to see again and again as Millennials come of age, especially those Millennials offspring of wealthy, famous, powerful Boomer parents. Ah, the future’s so bright, I got to wear shades — and maybe shoot myself!

Still, W had never done much of note in his life and he ended up a two-termer in the White House. Andy why? Well, to listen to some such as Jacob Weisberg in his book The Bush Tragedy tell it, because he wanted to prove himself to Mummy and Dada Bush, who seemed to believe that W’s younger sibling, Jeb, was the one destined for greatness or whatever.

I suppose it is admirable on some level, if Chelsea wants to redeem her mother and her family name blah blah blah. But it is also, well, kind of annoyingly elitist, don’t you think. How many other people her age are considered legitimate contenders for major political office? Please, I’d like some names? But I’m going to go ahead and guess that I won’t get many, if any at all. And why not? Because there aren’t any, that’s why? Well,  that, and this is an obscure blog the no one really reads anyway.


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