Obama is impressive!

The more I learn about Obama the more I like this guy, the more impressed I am by him. Cool article in this past weekend’s NY Times Sunday paper about him.

My favorite bit from the article, has Obama outdoing Bill Clinton in drawing a crowd for a book signing in Seattle:

For his [Obama] Seattle signing, the Elliott Bay Book Company rented the 2,500-seat hall where the symphony performs, sold out the tickets in 90 minutes and reported a level of turnout that topped all previous records at the store for any author, including Mr. Clinton.

I just get such a kick out of that, Obama showing up ol’ Bill. I don’t know why. Perhaps it as Jeff Gordinier says in his book, X Saves the World, that Clinton was our, i.e. Genertion X’s, first president and he pretty much broke our hearts, politically speaking. We put our faith in him, voted for him (those of us who bothered to vote, me being one of them), and everything seemed cool until the Lewiniski scandal. After that it just seemed like more and more shit came out about how skeazy Bill was, could be, whatever, or at least it seemed that way to me. Maybe I had blinders on. Clinton was, after all, the first Presidential candidate that I was every really excited about. But his self-indulgence pretty much tainted his legacy and, as far as I’m concerned, my vote, both of them, for him.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Obama is a saint. But shit, no one is. And really, Bill’s transgressions didn’t bother me that much. It all seemed like a witch hunt anyway. His tactics in this campaign are what finally soured me on him, and by association Hilary. Maybe that isn’t fair, but fuck it! Politics isn’t fair.


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