Recent additions to my blogroll

debauchette and Reverse Cowgirl — blogs about sex because, hey, who isn’t interested in sex? I have to admit that I’ve not given too much tought to sex as it pertains to Genereation X but I’m sure there are some uniquie issues therein. Sex is pretty universal, though.


The Elegant Variation – blog about books. And if you’ve read enough of this blog you’ll know I love books. And yes, I do have a particular interest in books concering Generation X and the Xer ethos in general, but my tastes are not so limited. I’ve been on the look out for a good book blog. This one I came across while catalogging (I work in a library) the blog’s author Mark Sarvas’s novel, Harry, Revised, which looks very interesting indeed.

In any case, check out my blogroll —–>


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