More blather about a so-called “Dream Ticket”

David Greenberg, obviously a Hilary supporter, in a long-winded article on Slate blathers about why, if Obama gets the Democratic nomination, he should select Hilary as his VP. And in response I have to just say — Bullshit! Of course, for a more articulate and insightful rebuttal I’d refer Mr. Greenberg, as well as all the other whining Hilary clan, to a recent article in The Economist, which makes an excellent, if not the best, case yet for why Barack should not select Hilary for VP.

Personally, I’m routing for Chuck Hagel as VP. But I’d also like Jim Webb, the recently elected Senator from Virginia who stomped George “Macca” Allen into the Virginia soil. Also, perhaps Mark Warner, former governor of Virginia, or even the current governor of Virginia. I mean, if the argument is that Barack can’t attract white guys’ votes, which is what is really meant by the code phrased “working class whites” then why not have, you know, a white guy on the ticket-. I’m not as hot on John Edwards, though, as some are suggesting. I don’t dislike John Edwards, but I just can’t get that excited about him, although he does have nice hair.

And as for these assertions that 8 out 10 Hilary supports won’t vote Barack if he wins the nomination, well, fuck em! First, when it comes down to it they will vote for the Democrat. And if they don’t, then an extended Bush presidency via John McCain will be on their fucking heads. What a bunch of fucking crybabies. But I suppose that’s the nature of many of the Hilary supporters. You don’t see this same whiny bullshit threat coming from Obama supporters, not nearly to the same extent. Most of us would hold our noses and vote for Clinton (well, I might actually not; the combination, while it might seem dreamy, would be a disaster of in-fighting, Hilary and Bill underming Obama into an early grave so that Hilary can step in), if she were to legitimately win the primary, which is not going to happen.

Finally, Greenberg’s assertion that, “Obama badly needs to win over Clinton supporters, some of whom deeply resent the demonization of her as hysterical, ruthless, and racist and are talking of bolting or staying home in November.” is just plain crap. Resent in one hand, shit in the other, see which on fills up first, okay. Besides all of these accusations are right on. Clinton and her campaign have been pretty hysterical, beginning after Iowa but really losing it in full-force after Super Tuesday, which clearly lead to more ruthless tactics and accusations and, well, right out lies by Clinton. And anyone who denies that what Bill said in South Carolina is race-baiting is being purposely naive or is really a fucking moron. Not to mention that all Clinton’s rhetoric about “white working class” voters is Republican-esque codifying for don’t trust the black guy.

And now we got this bullshit with Hilary invoking the RFK assassination. What the hell is that all about? The whole reference smacks of hysteria, or at least dementia.

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