Boomer lacks humor

Got an email in my in box this morning from GenerationXpert regarding her getting the smack-down from a rather humorless Boomer in response to her comment/reply to an eager, ambitious but probably slightly  naive Millennial. Check it.  What a prick — the Boomer, I mean, no the Millennial kid.

Still, I think we’ve come to expect this from Boomers, especially those in the business world. Of course, that doesn’t make any less obnoxious. Man, can’t wait for some of these fuckers to retire.

As for the Millennial corporate Power Ranger’s claim that Millennials are going to give the corporate world a much needed make-over. The dude sounds very much like another Millennial I heard about recently. A kid (see, I’m 40 now, aka a geezer so I can call someone in their 20s a kid) still in college, majoring in marketing, whose career plan is thus: after graduation get a job as Director of Marketing for a casino and then open his own casino. Um, excuse me, but where in that plan is take a bottom rung job and eat shit for, oh, say, a few years in order to, um, actually learn something, so that you can actually know what the fuck you’re doing before you try to take over the casino world. Anyhoo…sounds like someon has watched the Ocean movies one too many times.

And for the record, what GenerationXpert said was funny.


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