For some SPAM the way to save money

That would be the meat-like product in a can, not the unwanted emails in your in-box for male performance-enhancing drugs or low low mortgage rates or whatever. In any case, according to Generation X Finance sales of this crap is on the rise.

Yak! I’d sooner eat our pet guinea pig, which probably really boges (does anyone say that anymore – boge?) people out. It definitely creeps my wife out when I joke about it and of course I never say such things around my daughter. But in fact guinea pigs are a source of food in some parts of the world. Wikipedia says so. So there. The word is they’re kind of pork-like, and I couldn’t help thinking that we should have more than one guinea pig. You know, for when the society collapses and food is hard to come by and all that. We have a descent sized back yard; we can grow veggies and raise guinea pigs. We’d have it made in the shade, as Potsie from Happy Days was so fond of saying.


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