Of gas prices and lawn maitenance

It was beautiful day today — bright and sunny, clear blue skies. Ah. I soaked it all up as I mowed my lawn.

But then about half-way through I began to wonder. At what point do high gas prices become a factor in peoples’ lawn maintenance practices or whatever? I know, I know. This is a piddly-ass issue in comparison to all the other things effected (or is it affected?) by rising gas prices. Not to mention it doesn’t really take that much gas to mow your lawn, even a fairly descent-sized one like mine. But still….

What about people whose budgets are stretched so thin that every damn penny counts? And who really knows how badly this crisis could get. I mean, some are predicting that over the next 2 years gas will probably hit $200 a barrel which could translate into $6 per gallon for gas, but what if that is overly optimistic? What if something happens to really fuck things up and gas becomes way more expensive? I mean, people can’t just stop mowing their lawn now can they? I know I can’t. Where I live there is actually this guy whose job it is to go around and measure people’s lawns to make sure that it isn’t too high. It’s true. I read about the guy in the local paper not long after we moved in some years back. I remember thinking, Damn, how can I get that job? It would be perfect for floundering MFA grad whose still trying to crank out that first novel manuscript. But I am getting off topic. Where was I?

Oh, yeah. My lawn. Where I live you get fined if you let grow too long. It’s true. And if gas is so fucking expensive that you can’t even afford to mow your lawn how the hell can you be expected to pay a fine from the city. I mean, you can see how it could snowball out of control and lead to a person losing their home and ending up on the street, living from YMCA to Soup Kitchen to….

Okay. I know I sound like a lunatic, and admittedly I’ve had too much coffee tonight and probably too much sun all weekend and this damned Democratic Primary thing is starting to get to me, but just think about for a second?

Sure, you say you will, but you won’t.


One response to “Of gas prices and lawn maitenance

  1. They could always kick it ‘old school’ with the manual lawn mower. Doesn’t require any gas besides that provided by the human body. Saves money, causes no pollution and gives those lard asses out there a nice work out.

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