Hilary’s annoying non-concession speech like Ginger’s melodramatic death scene

This slate.com blog post this moring does a good job of expressing how I view Hilary Clinton’s speech last night. You can’t call it a concession speech of course because there was no concession in it. And even if after a mildly good night’s sleep, in the gloomy light of a rainy morning here in Michigan, I am stilled a bit confused by it, but perhaps even more so, annoyed. Any other candidate would have conceded. But not Hilary. She can’t make a damn move without “consulting” adivsor. Shit, she’ll probably put a fucking poll in the field. In ther speech she asked her supporters to email her web site with suggestions and input. Do you think she’s secretly hoping that the site will crash from too much traffic and this will somehow swell and finally change the tide in her favor? I would not be surprised.

And even more so than last night, I do NOT want to see Hilary as the VP on the Obama ticket, not that my opinion matters much.

The bet part of this blog post how the author likens Hilary’s speech to a melodramatic death scene from an episode of Gilligand’s Island:

Unfortunately, I kept thinking of that Gilligan’s Island episode in which Ginger acts out an excruciatingly long and melodramatic death scene. You keep thinking her every last gasp is really it. But then she keeps rolling around and twitching because she’s been peeking through her fingers all along and knows you’re still watching.

When will she take her last gasp? Perhaps if we all just look away, she finally will. But don’t hold your breath.


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