Hysterical Hilary supporter!

Is this really who Obama and his supporters have to reach out to? God, politics can be a disgusting business.


Of course, leave it to Fox News to give this crazy hag air time. Under what rational does someone like this merit some 8 mintues of prime time news coverage. Pathetic.

Yeah, she’s been around a long time all right, as she states, in a haggard, gravelly, smokers voice, but hopefully not much longer. Keep smokin’ them boges, sweetie!

Some are saying that Obama can’t win, that the country isn’t ready for a black president. If Barack doesn’t win, it will because of jerks like this woman.


One response to “Hysterical Hilary supporter!

  1. Wow, the PUMAs are scraping the bottom of the barrel if this is who they want. At least find someone who isn’t senile for Christ’s sake!

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