Boomer vs. GenXer attitudes in the academic workplace

Ran across this article about the differing attitudes of Boomers and GenXers in the academic workplace. It is an older article, from 2006, but interesting to me particularly because I worked in the academic world for a time. First as TA when I was getting my MFA and then as adjunct faculty for a few years. Also, I’ve worked at other academic institutions in different capacities. The academic work world is quite different from that of the corporate work world.

Wothy of note is the labeling of Boomer professor as “embedded” and GenXers as “emerging.” Very appropriate, don’t you think. Also, how the embedded Boomer regime favors secrecy in selecting for tenure where as the GenXers want more transparency seems pretty signicant. Not to mention that the Boomers favor research of over teaching. But what really kills me is how these Boomers are setting standards for tenure that they themselves could not live up to. It’s not surprising, the utter hypocrisy, but it still kills me.


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