Lucky Bill

Article on this morning argues that Bill Clinton’s political success has been as much due to luck as political skill, perhaps aven more so. And his luck continues to hold with Hilary’s loss. Why? Because for a dude with an over-inflated ego and a desperately pathetic need to be the center of attention having Hilary as president would be like hell on earth. He’d be relugated to hosting the Easter Egg Roll on the White House front lawn, which he claims he’d be glad to do.

Wothy of particular note:

A Hillary presidency would also surely mean that Bill would have to disclose every past contribution to the Clinton Foundation and Library. (For a partial list, click here.) Bill’s reluctance to do that has reportedly emerged as an obstacle to Hillary’s vice-presidential aspirations.

Question here: can the Obama people use this to good enough effect to keep Hilary off the ticket, which they’d prefer? As would, my friends. As would I.

It isn’t just Bill’s shady business dealings, which are as much Hilary’s as they are his, but also his pecker problem, ie keeping it in his pants. Even if the Vanity Fair article is bullshit, there’s always going to be the spectar of it there, hanging around, like a  perverted little ghost. No doubt Bill would get off (pun of course intended), but Obama simply does not need that baggage going into the election and, if fortunue shines upon him, into the White House.

What say you people?


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