My schizophrenic compulsive reading habits

Sometimes I feel as if my reading habits are beyond my control!

Recently I set aside Brett Easton Ellis’ novel, Glamorama, which I’d begun some weeks ago, when traveling to New Orleans with my wife, Colleen, to re-read The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, because I may participate in a book club discussion group. I stress MAY. So-called typically of Generation X I don’t like to join stuff.

I am also still reading Millennial Makeover, a nonfiction book about the Millinneial generations rise as a politically significan generation and how they’ll factor into the next cycle of political change/dominance, or whatever. It’s intersting stuff. I’m at the part where the authors are describing the four generation of the current generational cycle — Boomers, GenX, Millinniels, [to be named later] — by the societal attitudes of each given generation’s time as reflected in popular TV shows. I dig that kind of stuff.

And last night, I hit the book store to use up the remained of my bookstore giftcard that I got for my b-day back in December, and bought Max Brooks The Zombie Survival Guide. I’ve been wanting to own a copy of this satirical work since we got a copy here at the library some time back. Because I admire good satire and dig all things zombie and undead. I’m not positive but I think that Max Brooks is the son of Mel Brooks, famed comedian and moviemaker.

 Plus I’ve got an ever-growing stack of books next to the chair in our office. Like The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria.

Man, I wish that I could read faster.



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