Hope/Pessimism Index

My hope/pessimism index for Barack’s chances at winning the Presidential Election is at about 55/45

It seems only natural at this point to put it at 50/50 – the extra five points in his favor is due to Hilary Clinton’s speech,  which by all accounts was excellent and in which she urges her supporters to support him, plus McCain’s lousy speech on the evening that Barack finally nabbed the magic number of delegates, and because Barack’s profile simply seems higher at th is point. It is not more than five because it is being reported that a significant percentage of Hilary supporters, mainly women, are either planning on voting for McCain or not voting at all. Of course, there is the chance that some of these women will come around to Barack, but you know what they say about fury and woman scorned..

According to Linus in It’s the Great Pumkin Charlie Brown: “…that’s nothing compared to a woman who has been cheated out of tricks or treats.”


Anyhoo… I thought it might be interesting, if only to me, to try and track my own expectations for this election. We’ll see.




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