Is Jim Webb a good candidate for VP?

I haven’t been as gung-ho as some to have Jim Webb as Barack’s VP as some, although I do like the guy. Anyone who can kick George Allen’s butt out of the senate is cool by me.

There’s an article on that makes an interesting argument against having Webb on the ticket.

I don’t agree with Timothy Noah’s assertion that the fight Webb picked with Bush at a reception after the 2006 election was pointless. I think a man with a distinguished military background and a son serving in Iraq is entitled to pick such a bone, especially with a liar and draft-dodger.

However, I do think Noah has a point about Webb possibly alienating those women that supported Hilary and are still hesitant about backing Obama. I’m still not ready to cheer for Hilary as VP at this point. Like Obama said to every reporter that can’t seem to understand that he is not going to select a running mate or even talk about the process and those under consideration so soon after just winning the nomination, it is important that he, Obama, get it right, which means taking his time, carefully considering all options and the ramifications of each.

I’d actually thought of Webb as a good Sec. of Defense.

I’ve also thought Richardson would make a good Sec. of State.

Hilary would best serve a new Democratic majority in the Senate, especially when it comes to enacting Health Care reform.


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