Hope/Pessimism Index Update

Today I’d put my H/PI at a tad up from the a couple days ago to 57/43.

Barack has not wasted any time laying out his agenda and working to frame the public debate around the economy, on which McCain pretty much stinks.

Also McCain continues to stink as a public speaker. Maybe the dude is too old, or maybe  he’s just too tired. Maybe both. In any case, I find difficult to listen to never mind be inspired by or even interested in what he says. David Gergen’s post on Anderson Cooper’s blog begs fro a break by both Obama and McCain, and I’m inclined to agree, but I doubt that is going to happen. Perhaps Obama’s strategy is to simply wear the old guy out.

Addionally a recent CNN poll has Obama favored over McCain 47% to 43%, which is to close to be definitive, in my opinion anyway.

 However, an article on Root.com wonders whether young black voters may be too disaffected to vote in significant numbers, which seems surprising to me, considering the circumstances, but what the hell do I know about it, right. I’m not young and black. I do know about being part of Generation X, which once labeled apathetic and uninterested in politics has never really been able to shake that pejorative. And so I’d encourage any group of young people to not allow others to define your demographic if at all possible. It can be become a self-fullfilling prophecy.

Plus there is the supposed Jim Johnson problem, as pondered on slate.com. It would seem reasonable to think that this is more of an inside the beltway issue. Shit, I never heard of the guy until this week. But still, you never know.




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