Bike commuting

A new addition to my blogroll — Bike Commuters. In honer of my first and hopefully not last day of commuting to work on my bike. It was cool, a nice morning, sunny and cool, to pedal through the treelined streets here in Birmingham,  Michigan, although some of those trees have been uprooted from the recent storms, but only a few thankfuly. Of course, I don’t have very far to go, perhaps a mile or so, but then I’m not in very good shape so it works for me. If it was much further I’d never get around to doing it.

I was lucky too, because no sooner did I lock my bike up outside the library than it began to rain.

One downside of biking to work, evne though it wasn’t hot, I was kind of sweaty, but I’d brought a change of underwear and t-shirt. I’ve only just gotten into biking so I don’t really have a “uniform” or anything. I rode in my jeans, what I wear at work. I do have a locker at work now so I can store some things here. It would be cool if we had a shower here at the library but I’m guessing that wasn’t part of the building plan way back when, nor was it part of any past or more recent remodels.

Another bummer was the heavy backpack on my back. I could see that causing back problems. I suppose I’ll need to work on traveling light on the days I bike commute. Or look into some kind of wrack for my bike or saddle or whatever they call them.

Now the question is, how will I feel about riding home after a full day’s work. I’ll be tired but perhaps it will wake me up since I pretty much sit all day on the job.

Ultimately, I’m not looking to be some super avid biker, but with gas prices and inflation and the cost of everything else going up it seems wise to get into the habit now, if I can. And I don’t think I’m the only who thinks this way.

My older brother has mentioned riding his bike to work. Also, on NPR this week, during a round table discussion on the Diane Rhem show about rising energy prices, a caller that owns a sports show talked about the rise in bike and kyak sales. The guy said he could not keep his store stockes sufficiently.

Anyway, we’ll see if I can keep this up.


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