I want to know how can I get the same sweet deal as McCain with American Express? Don’t you?

John McCain and his wife, Cindy, and their daughter, Megan, carry some pretty heft credit card debt.

As The Hill reported this morning, based on disclosure reports released today, Sen. John McCain and his wife Cindy owe at least $100,000 to American Express, with a “dependent child” also holding a card with a balance between $15,000 and $50,000.

Yikes! That’s just nuts, right? Wrong. Not if you’ve got a 0% interest rate.

According to the May 15, 2008 disclosure form, though, during 2007 Cindy McCain originated an individual debt of between $250,000 and $500,000 with a zero-percent interest AmEx that was still not paid off by the time of the time of that filing.

I mean, 0% IR is like free money when you think about, right. So does that mean AMX is giving money to McCain? Is it like a corporate endorsement? A campaign contribution? Well, well, well. Looks like Mr. Maverick might just be a corporate shill after all. Nice.

Shit, I didn’t even know such an interest rate existed. I mean, I know theoretically 0% exisits — 0 was a tricky concept for me in math, I admit, but I finally got it down, I think… Anyhoo… my point is that I’d be willing to drop my Master Card in a second for an AMX card with 0%. Who the hell wouldn’t? I must have missed the special offer when it came in the mail. I wonder if it is still not too late to take advantage. Maybe I’ll call up AMX and ask for the McCain special.

Here are the AMX phone numbers if anyone else would like to as well:

Apply for a Card


6 responses to “I want to know how can I get the same sweet deal as McCain with American Express? Don’t you?

  1. I’ll tell you how – consistently charge $100,000 + every month, obtain a net worth of many millions like the McCain family, Jay Rockefeller, Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi, and then wisely cut a deal with a credit card company to minimize expenses. You see, AE charges merchants around 4% when they accept the card, so AE is obviously willing to cut deals with big spenders to incentivize them to use their card. McCain is smart to rack up that zero interest along with credit card rewards.

  2. Because most people are in a position to rack up those kinds of charges. Sure, AM is glad to do it, for the reasons you lay out. And sure, McCain is smart to take advantage. It’s just amazing how these systems benefit people who already have a shit load of money. Meanwhile the old jerk keeps invoking “regular Americans” like he knows what the fuck he’s talking about, while at the same calling Barack an elitist. What a haggard old prick.

  3. BoorishPeasant is exactly right on how to get the same sweet deal as the McCain’s have. The statement doesn’t state that they CARRY that much debt on those cards from month to month, it says that the balance at the time of the filing was that much. That card is in her name, but could be the card that the company uses to buy supplies or it could be campaign expenses to be reimbursed. Just because it’s in her name doesn’t mean that Cindy racks up those expenses, personally. Jeez, stop hating people who worked their butts off and finally made it and start trying to do it for yourself! Whiners suck!

  4. Wracking up needles credit card debt isn’t a sweet deal. It’s fucking stupid. A big part of the reason why are economy is in trouble today. Because too many people are too irresponsible to have credit cards.

    If the card is in her name, then it is Cindy McCain’s debt, and in the absence of any other evidence, of which you provide none, dashcraft-dickehead, one can only assume that she is the one piling up this debt. Even if it is for the campaign it is still her doing it. You may not be aware but you can have credits cards issues to an organization instead of an individual. If that is the case, fine. Prove it? Otherwise shut the fuck up.

    Anyone who can’t imagine a couple that owns more houses than they can keep count of course can’t imagine them piling up that kind of debt on their credit cards. Lack of imagination is like a fucking disease in this country.

    And in the end it doesn’t matter what the charges were for or who made them. The fact is the McCain’s, whether it be personally or politically, got special treatment. AMEX isn’t going to extend me the same courtesy. And for that they can go fuck themselves as well.

  5. Apparently dashcraft0329 doesn’t know anything about the McCains, going by this breathtakingly ignorant remark: “Jeez, stop hating people who worked their butts off and finally made it …”

    You must be referring to Cindy McCain’s father and Megan’s grandfather. Neither Cindy nor Megan have ever “worked their butts off,” unless it was while shopping or denigrating the experience of military families other than theirs.

  6. Thank you, JBL from Maine! Me sentiments exactly.

    The McCain’s are rich people, the that have inherited their wealth. Of course, John married into it.

    Besides that I just fucking hate that phrase “stop hating on” blah blah blah. It’s almost as bad, and at least as ignorant sounding as “it’s, like, you know.”

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