Leave the car in the drive/garage and take the S.U.B.

That stands for Sport Utility Bicycle.

A bicycle specifically designed to be used for all those quick trips that most of use are cars for. Like running to the grocery store. Or the vidoe store. Or to the library. Heck, I could pick up my daughter from school, although I could do that now with the ride along that we have. It’s the traffic along our route home at rush hour that really concerns me.

But we definitely live close enough to the grocery and video store to put one of these to use. At least in the warmer months but not too hot months. Probably hard to operate in the snow. Still.

They did some kind of pricey to me, even the kit to retrofit your existing bicycle, but then a car and gas is pretty expensive these days, and if you utlized such a bike enough it could be well worth the cost. Also Bike Commuter has a step by step tutorial posted on their site.

I’m thinking about it. And imagining a future community with far less cars and far more bicycles and walkers. That would be pretty cool.


2 responses to “Leave the car in the drive/garage and take the S.U.B.

  1. The beauty of the Xtracycle Freeradical is that you can attach it to almost any bike. At $399, it is almost the price of 5 to 6 gas fill ups, pick up a nice used bike from Craigslist and you can build an SUB for less than $700. I really dig mine, besides grocery shopping, I use it as my cruiser and also as a commuter bike.

  2. Yeah. It’s a great innovation and I’d like to invest in one soon if I can. I’d really dig to be able to bike to the grocery store and on other errands. Plus, using it as a cummuter bike it would be easier to pick up my daughter from school and camp than using the ride-a-long that we have now. Although the rush hour traffic still makes me nervous. Anyway, I’m just getting back into biking but hoping to keep with it.

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