H/P Index

Previously my H/P Index* was a 60/40. Over the past week or so it’s been climbing, by at least 5 points, putting it at 65/35, especially with polls showing Obama leading in swing states like Pennsylvania. But then this morning on CNN there was report on some flap over Obama staffers telling a woman with a head scarf that she would be able to sit in view behind Obama because “of all the problems in the world right now.” What the fuck is that all about? Of course, the Obama campaign apologised ASAP and released photographs of Obama with women in headscarves, plus every other concievable kind of religion. I think there was even a druid in there somehwere. Anyhoo… Along with the report was a Musilm spokesperson jumping at the opportunity to pressure both Obama and McCain to speak out against anti-muslim sentiment etc. The guy claimed that Obama has yet to do this sort of thing but then they showed a clip of Obama doing precisely what the guy said he hadn’t yet. It was a bone head move and it’s good that the Obama people moved quickly to address it. But this is the kind of thing that worries me, because it could grow legs, and there seems to be a frightening number of people out there willing to pretend to believe this sort of crap and then perpetuate it.

So that knocks my H/P Index down several notches because, well, I’m a GenXer and that’s pretty much the way we roll. So I set it now at 59/41.

Come on people, let’s pick it up. No more dumb mistakes.


*Hope/Pessimism Index weighs my hope vs my pessimism of Barack Obama’s chances of being elected President of the United States.


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