Bike Commute – day 2

Woo hoo! I just made my second Friday bike commute to work, which, according to a little calculator I found online, means that I’ve saved $0.26 dollars and 1.24 lbs of CO2 will NOT be added to the atmosphere. I can buy a pack of gum to celebrate my self-satisfaction at helping (barely) to improve the environment. Go fucking me, yeah!

And this time I brought along some anitpersperiant (sp?) so I wouldn’t stink and to keep here in my  locker, plus a wash cloth to sor to of cool down with, so I wouldn’t be all sweaty.

Here’s a pic of my GT model bike except mine is gold and black. It’s a basic lower-end model, but I figured it was good for getting started, and I got a deal from the bike shop because it was a 2006 model and the dude had to make room for 2008 models coming in. He knocked almost $100 bucks off it. And he was cool, an ex-BMXer like myself. In fact, he still had about half a dozen bmx bikes hanging from the ceiling in the back part of his shop. He let me go back and check them out. Very cool.


I’d been away from biking for awhile and I gravitated toward a GT because that was the kind of BMX bike I rode as a kid, although later, when I was in grad. school, I dumped some money on an SE Quadangle that I never really rode much and ended up giving to my nephew. What can I say? Notalgia got the better of me that day.

This time I’ve been more realisitc in my bike choice. Now I’m slowly getting any necessary equipment, like a good helmet (I’m using my wife’s) and some bike shorts and jerseys maybe, a waterproof backpack, maybe a set up so I can carry a saddle bag of some sort on the back of the bike. Plus, I should probably get some tools, at least a basic travel set. Ooo. This is so exciting!



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