Fuck Big Oil! Ride a bike

Great article from US News and World Report about the rise of commuter biking. Bike sellers apparently can’t keep these bikes in stock.

I recently began bike commuting to work and I love it. True, I’m only about a mile to a mile and a half away, but I know of others who are riding 4 to 6 miles one way to work. And these are not bicycling enthusiasts. Just people who don’t want to shell out 4 fucking dollars a gallon for gas if they don’t have to.

So why not give it a try. I really enjoy the ride into work, and actually wish it was a bit longer. It’s kind of meditative in a way, calming, but it also gets my blooding pumping, which is better than pounding three or fours cups of coffee in the morning. Yikes!

So far I’ve managed one day a week but hope to bump that up to at least two.

And it looks like congress is trying to get a bill passed to offer monterary incentives to people who do bike commute to work. Coolio!


One response to “Fuck Big Oil! Ride a bike

  1. I’ll eat my chain if they pass a bill to help cyclists in any way. I have been biking for ten years, and I have always been seen as some kind of loser/freak for my choice.

    I started riding when I could not figure out insurance rates for my car. Why did I have to pay more PER YEAR for car insurance than I paid for my car? I was told I was insuring everyone else’s car. Why? I am too dumb to get these things, it seemed unfair so I gave up and got a bike.

    Besides getting buzzed daily, it is worth it. I love my ride, and the buzzing just gives me a view of my entire life like a movie. So I have seen all the times I tried to take a crap and missed the toilet when I was three about a million times. Thanks for the memories Hummer!

    Just kidding. Hummers drivers tend to be good. They’re paying enough for their driving experience to keep awake enough to appreciate it. It’s the junker cars you have to watch out for. And the women with low self-esteem trying to make up for it in a big SUV. And the men with low self-esteem trying to make up for it in a big SUV. And the people who hate bikers on principle–how dare people keep the air clean!

    Riding is really fun. I enjoy each day. It is the main thing I look forward to in my life.

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