Road trip to Iowa

So approximately 48 hours from now (10:30am) I’m hoping to be close to half-way through my road trip to Iowa. My plan is to leave as early as possible on Wed morning so that I can my take my time. Also, I’m taking a longer route so as to avoid traveling near Chicago and all the congestion along I-80 just south of the city. I Mapquested the trip and it looks like it will take about 12 hours the way I’m going, as opposed to the approximately 8 or 9 hours it would go by way of I-80.

I’m going to take I-94 West to I-69 down to Ft. Wanye, Indiana, where I can pick up this smaller highway, 24, which should take me across to Peoria, Illinois, and from there I can hook back up to I-74, which will take me into Iowa and to I-80 and eventually into Cedar Rapid. While this will be a longer route, and of course will require more gas, my hope is that I will encounter far less traffic. I’m particularly looking foward to traveling 24, a pretty small highway in comparison to the interstates. On Mapquest I zoomed in on it in the arial view mode, which allowed me to see an actual photo image of the road and it seems to go through a lot of farm country and small outlying residential areas.

I figure if I’m going to take a road trip it would be cool to get off the interstate tracks for at least a little while. These smaller highways are much more interesting to travel, even if it takes one longer. I’m planning to take the camera in order to take some photos along the way.

A note about Mapquest: perhaps I simply do not how to use it well, but it would be nice if there was an option that allowed you select your own route, you know, by highways or whatever, instead of having to select a starting point and end point. MapQuest always selectes the most direct route. Trying to create a more indirect route can be kind of a pain. I suppose that is why in some cases I prefer a regular road map. Also, I happen to like maps and trying to figure my own path. I’m probably just geeky that way.



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