I’m back….

After so much time spent staring through the windshield of my trusty little Honda Civic, looking at the computer screen is a little strange. Also, it feels weird to type, as if my fingers want to fly off the keyboard.

Anyhoo…I was right about the alternate route that I took to Cedar Rapid, Iowa. It was interesting. Highway 24 that I took cut through mostly farmland and some very small towns. A few times, it was even a little eerie, when I couldn’t see any cars ahead of me or behind me nor any coming at me in the opposite direction lanes. I had this irrational fear that I’d somehow managed to drive right out of civilization. Hell, at some points I couldn’t even get any cell phone reception. If my car had broken down I might have had quite a hike to get some help. But fortunately that didn’t happen.

The trip took almost twice as long, close to thirteen hours. That is a long time to spend in a car, let me tell you, but I liked passing through the small towns. I noticed that no matter how small a town was or how less than economically advantaged it appeared there was often a sign directing you to the public library. If I’d had more time I would have liked to stop and check each one of them out. That would cool, traveling around the country visiting public libraries. Bet I could get a book out of that, or at least some interesting blog posts.

Additionally, I could have visited the Dan Quayle Museum, located in Huntington, Indiana. I imagined it greeted visitors with a giant elaborate display arguing that p-o-t-a-t-o-e while not common is ultimately a legitimate spelling for that particular root. I also could have visited the boyhood home of Ronald Regan in Tampico, Illinois.

But probably the most interesting sight was the wind farm I encountered in Indiana just before crossing into Illinois. Before I came upon it I had to slow down for a huge truck and trailer carrying this massive piece of equipment as it backed into the drive of some facility. From a distance, I couldn’t really tell what it was and wondered ominously if there was a nuclear missile silo in the area. It wasn’t until I got up on it that I realized that it was two very large propeller blades for a giant wind turbine, which I saw off in the distance some mile later. They were massive and I wasn’t even right up on them. I had to stop and try and take some pics but I don’t think they will come out very well. I’ll try to post them later. I could have driven south to get a better look at them but I was still only half-way to my destination and I’d already been in the car some 7 hours. Even so it was pretty damn cool. And a good place for these turbines too. The wind seem constant and strong.


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