News Alert: Baby Boomers a bunch of whiners!

Thanks to my friend, Mike, from my Ypsi/Arbor EMU days for fwding this cool and very funny article  from the Washington Post about what a bunch of whiney jerks Boomers can be.

Just check this lead paragraph:

The baby boomers — that prominent group of middle-agers whose massive numbers invite never-ending dissection and speculation — have once again spoken. What they have said is, ” Waaaaaahhh.”

And this is according to a Pew Research Center survey that “measured the pessimism, dissatisfaction and general curmudgeonliness of 2,413 adults in various generations.”

I figure the author of the article has got to be a GenXer. Millennials are too nice to write this kind of scathing criticism.  In any case:

The results validate any member of the Greatest Generation who ever looked at his or her offspring and sadly thought, “soft.” Simply put, boomers are a bunch of . . . whiners.

Something many GenXers have known for fucking years. A big bunch of whiners!

According to Boomer’s surveyed:

Everything stinks, except for the things that stink even more, and it’s not exactly clear why, considering that this is the population with the highest median income. Boomers also have fewer difficulties affording housing or medical care, the survey says, and they enjoyed greater job security last year than older or younger generations.

Yeah. Even when they’ve got it good, better then most every one else, it still isn’t fucking good enough.

Of course, they’ve always been a bunch of malconents, but Mary Furlong, a Boomer who runs her own consulting firm, thinks differently. She claims:

“Basically, it’s because we were always on the front end of opportunity and optimism until now.”

Now, they are the sandwich generation. Now, they are caring for aging parents who live longer and longer and longer, and for boomerang children who graduate from college and then move right back home, sans rent or rules. Now, boomers must deal with what Furlong calls “exogenous shocks that hit you midlife.”

Sounds like typical whiney Boomer bullshit to me. And to my delight the article’s author sees it pretty much the same way.

Nice try, Mary. The Pew study acknowledges many of these (totally valid) points, and it’s all very well and good except for this: A recent University of Chicago sociology study compared the results of happiness surveys going back more than 30 years and found that boomers have never been happy. In 2004, 28 percent of respondents born in 1950 considered themselves “very happy,” compared with 40.2 percent of those born in 1935. Back in 1972, the figures for those same generations were 28.9 and 35.4.

Of course, Mary and the rest of her whiney cohort are entitled to their perceptions and feelings, their “valid points” blah blah blah, but I’m going to go ahead and stick with the facts, the numbers, the stats. And those clearly show that Boomers have always been a bunch of blubbering malcontents.

Back in the 1970s, “we were going to build an idealistic culture. We weren’t going to be alone. We were going to leave the world a better place.” And now? “The hope has been eroded.” In other words, boomers used to be gloomy because the world needed change. Now, they’re gloomy because change didn’t work out quite as they’d hoped.

Blah blah blah. We get it. The world didn’t live up to your expectation. Now can you please just shut the fuck up about it. Retire, move to fucking Florida, bake yourselve in the sun, and die already. So Generation X and the Millennials can clean up your damn mess.

I suppose it would be “productive” and “helpful” to try and understand this generational malaise, as some are attempting to do:

Yang Yang, an assistant professor of sociology and author of the Chicago study, says the generation’s malaise has less to do with circumstance and more to do with the cohort effect, an argument that goes something like this: Boomers, born into families riding the American Dream, expected that such easy living would always come naturally. Happiness was seen as a right and inevitability.

But you know what? I got better fucking things to worry about. Besides there seems to be little to be done about it. Boomers are going to bitch and moan to the grave. I’m going to predict that there will be a noticeable reduction in noise pollution as they begin to drop dead. Why? Because they believe, in typical Boomer dilusional fashion, that it will make a difference, that the world will somehow be affected (or is it effected) by their bad mood and that will somehow change things but of course it won’t. As the article concludes:

They see their pessimism as a tonic that will wake up the world, then they just end up drunk on disappointment.

Hmm. Sort of like Hilary and Bill, do you think?



One response to “News Alert: Baby Boomers a bunch of whiners!

  1. I’m not from the States, so I find yr article curiously interesting .. boomers almost falling off the end of the planet way down here in New Zealand are a happy, creative lot who’ve long puzzled as to what makes our yankee counterparts tick … we’re about 50 years behind the big apple, so maybe that explains it?

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