Ahhhh, I love the open road.

Look at the sky! And no traffic up ahead.

These pics are from 24, a smaller interstate highways that I picked up in Ft. Wayne. I took this route instead of the turnpike, I-80, which is often overcrowded with traffic, especially near Chicago. I hate traffic, especially while driving my fuel efficient but small car, a Honda Civic. It can be intimidating, if not down right scary. So you can see why I liked driving this road so much. At some points there was not only no traffic up ahead but also none behind either as well as none coming at me in the opposite direction lanes. Very cool. Although a little eerie in away, especially when I could not get a cell phone signal. And all I could see was corn fields.

There was more than just corn fields, though. Lost of nice scenery — trees and fields and pastures with animals. Farm country is cool. This photo doesn’t really do it justice. I took it through the windshield (as I did with the other two) while I was driving — you can see the reflection in the glass there. Of course, I do not recommend that anyone take pics while driving. In any case, it was a nice drive, more leisurely and a lot less stressful as far as I was concerned, if longer, almost 13 hour total in the car instead of 8 the other way. But why is it always necessary to “get there” in such a hurry? Isn’t the journey a big part of the fun? It is for me anyway.

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