Barack’s VP?

I was intrigued by this post on CNN’s political ticker, speculating on the possibility that Barack my select a Republican as his running mate. Specifically Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, who is traveling with Barack and some other Congressional colleagues. I like the idea of Hagel on the ticket, although it seems like a long shot. He’s a strong and reasonable, one of the few Republicans to stand up to the Bush Administration. In terms of cowboy analogies, which abounded with Texas Bush’s wrangling of the White House, Hagel is Gary Cooper to Bush’s Dean Martin. Hagel could also be in the running for a John McCain’s VP. That would spook me quite a bit. He’s a relatively unknown politician but I think when the county get to know him they like him, more and more, which could only improve McCain’s chances.

According the article, Hagel could also be considered for a cabinet post in either a Obama or McCain Administration:

The Nebraska Republican could also be a contender for a Cabinet post like Defense Secretary if either Obama or McCain wins, according to strategists in both parties, because of his friendship with both candidates.

Also mentioned in the article is Senator Jack Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island. I’d never heard of him before but apparently Obama likes the guy.

Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island, is an Army veteran who is respected in both parties for his knowledge of national security issues. Democratic strategists privately say Reed is highly-regarded by Obama and could also find himself on the short list for a variety of posts in a potential Democratic administration.

Both Reed and Hagel seem like good people to have working for you.

Of course there is still the possibility of Hilary as Obama’s VP. I’m still not fond of this idea, believing that she and Bill would be too much baggage, especially Bill. But as many have been saying you cannot simply dismiss The Clintons, which if unfortunate as far as I am concerned, because they are two Boomers that need to go the fuck away, which is precisely whey the will not. The will force their relevancy if they can, and the can.


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