Here comes the rain

About twenty minutes from my cuz’s place in Marion, Iowa, which is right next to Cedar Rapid, recently featured on CNN when the local river overflowed from heavy rains and flooded the downtown, I pulled off into rest stop to wait out the rain. It was coming down pretty hard and highway I was on, 380, was pretty congested. Heavy traffic makes me nervous under good weather conditions. So, you know….

At first, I sat in the car, which you can see just beyond the flowers there. Then, during a momentary slowdown I bolted for a covered picnic table. I like when it rains. I like being out in it. Reminds me of being a kid, visiting relatives in West Virginia. My grandparents’ house had a big back porch that was covered and we’d sit out there while it rained. Other times we’d play out in the rain. One time my cousin and I raced the rain up the hill. It came at as like a wall, eventually overtaking us, big fat drops of cold rain chilling our skin.

This might look like a cool shot of the sun setting beyond the trees, the late day orange sunlight pushing through the limbs and leaves. Actually, it is a lamp post the blurred just right.

I ended up stuck there for about a half hour or so. The rain would seem to let up and then return even stronger it seemed. But I did get to my cousin’s place before dark.


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