Indiana wind farm

Very near the Illinois border I suddenly noticed off in the distance these huge wind turbines turning off in the distance turning in the wind. Just prior I had to slow down to allow a truck hauling some huge piece of equipment to back into a long drive way. From a distance the big piece of equipment looked almost missal-like and I wondered if there were any missal silos nearby. Of course, in retrospect it didn’t make any sense that a missal or part of a missal would be transported without some kind of governmental security escort.

The size of these three-bladed turbines was impressive, and I was perhaps a mile or so away from them. I decided to stop and take some pics, but I don’t think they came out very well. They certainly do not convey the massive size of these things.

You can barely see them. I wished I’d had a better camera. I could have driven closer but I’d already been in the car some 7 or 8 hours and I was only about half way there.

You can see them a little better here. I could certainly understand why this area was selected for a wind farm. The wind was strong and constant.

For this one I stood on the trunk of the car, hoping to get a better shot, but it didn’t really help much.

I got better shots of the road that I’d pulled off on to take the pics.

I’m not sure if this road was on my road map. It was unpaved, just a bed of crushed rock. And it was cool the way it appeared to disappear into the horizon. Something beautiful and foreboding about this image, don’t you think. Not sure if it is clear from this pic but the wind is really blowing the corn, which was perhaps waist high. I wondered what the view down this road would be like when the corn was at full height. Pretty cool I bet.

Here is another shot of the same road, closer to the ground POV.

And a view across the corn field.



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