Bike Commuting

Despite being tired and sore from trimbing and chopping tree limbs this weekend, I got may ass on my bike and rode to work. And I have to say, I feel good. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the ride makes me feel better, wakes me up. It was pretty brisk this morning. I’m wondering if I’ll need to look into a getting a pair of long pants as summer wanes and it gets colder. I want to make the ride as long as possible. Anyhoo… I’m hoping to ride two days this week, today and Friday.

In bike cummuting news there was a interesting article in the NY Times this weekend about the commuter bike system they have in Paris, which really seems to be catching on. The Mayor Paris (apparently a socialist) institued a program where anyone can rent a bicycle and people have really taken to it. The article suggested that some American cities are looking into emulating this program. That would be call. But the article did not indicate which cities would like to do this sort of thing. I’m guessing Detroit won’t be one of them, not that I live in The D proper. Not even close. I live in a northerner suburb, Birmingham, which is fairly biker friendly but it is far too small to have rental bikes for people. It is easy enough to just walk.


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