My daughter, Addy, learning to ride

Addy’s really starting to get the hang of it. A few weeks back when we first started teaching her to ride without the training wheels, she started slow. But she’s really making progress. Check these vidz of her.

In this next one she stops just why of running into our new car, a Honda Accord. We figure she must have extra incentive to not hit it, since we told her that when she’s old enough to drive it will be her car. That is if people are still driving cars in a decade. If so, it’s a pretty sweet deal. The Accord is a cool dark blue color. It has leather seats, a sun roof, 6-Disc CD-player. My first car was an old Chevette with AM only and a hole in the floor boards so that every time I ran through a puddle it sprayed me in the face. And I liked it, too!

Anyhoo… here’s more Addy riding her bike.


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